Conscious mining

Conscious mining

All our raw material, and therefore our creations, come from the earth. Thinking about sustainable solutions is not an option, but our main objective. That is why this philosophy is now engrained into our company’s mission statement. These values naturally go hand in hand with other contemporary issues like more focus on the local economy and responsible social investment to nurture the appreciation of Brazilian culture and resources. “I work only as a pedestal for stones, the real luxury comes from nature,” says Ara.

Even the concept of luxury is adapting with our times. Today, transparency of your supply chain is an ethical obligation. Giving a voice, a face and a quality of life to the artisans who keep the jewelry tradition alive in different regions of Brazil is one way of perpetuating the art of conscious mining, hereby giving visibility and value to suppliers that care about future generations, whether that be in Minas Gerais or Rio Grande do Norte, for example, from which Emeralds and Paraiba Tourmalines are extracted, respectively.

With this philosophy in mind, Ara Vartanian works with two pillars:

– Responsible extraction: Suppliers and mining projects that follow healthy protocols for all employees, support the communities around the mines and work devotedly in reforestation and water treatment.

– Sustainability: pursue the objective of implementing sustainable actions along the entire chain, such as recycling waste, controlling the disposal of waste materials and the consumption of water.

All conscious mining projects are done in partnership with the Cruzeiro Mine, responsible for extracting Rubellite and Indicolite Tourmalines, and the Belmont Mine and the Brazil Paraiba Mine, which extract Emeralds and Paraiba Tourmalines, respectively.

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