New bracelets

New bracelets
23 de December de 2015 zweiarts

New bracelets

Renowned for his unique handmade creations, Ara Vartanian presents new bracelets that were developed thinking about the anatomy of the woman’s body.

They are fine jewellery pieces that adorn the top of the forearm, positioned just above the wrist and near the elbow.

The bracelets are circular, a spiral surrounding the female forearm. A delicate metal frame is positioned on the inside of the arm, to highlight the stones and enhance the visual of the gems.

Another important detail is the positioning of the stones, lying on two superimposed stems to allow a perfect fit. The stones are set in a dégradé of carats to give prominence to the higher ones at the far end of the bracelet.

The models vary according to the gems, selected one by one by the designer himself.

They vary based on the selected stones: cabochon rubellites, cabochon green tourmaline and white diamonds; pear rose-cut black diamonds, pear yellow diamonds and white diamonds; and also pear emerald, pear rose-cut black diamond, inverted black diamonds and white diamonds.