New releases

New releases
10 de June de 2015 zweiarts

New releases

Ara Vartanian’s inspirational principles lead to results which reveal highly contemporaneous jewellery.  Seeking natural grandeur in each chosen stone is the central element of his creations; by doing so the designer always creates outstanding experiences.

He only works with rare stones for their carat weight, exotic cuts, purity and quality. The creations arise from a study and design thought process to offer symmetries and detailed finishing (down to a team of expert artisans, with constant monitoring and enhancement from the designer himself).

The pieces are always amazing and unique. One of the necklaces incorporates a sumptuous combination of white and black diamonds preciously playing with light and shade.

The Double Finger ring, one of the brand’s iconic pieces of jewellery, comes in a version with white diamonds and a Fancy Light Yellow diamond — South African gem with yellow hue resulting from the scattering of nitrogen atoms, making it rare and valued in contemporary jewellery.

The tanzanite necklace with diamonds confirms the relationship the designer has with symmetry: the stone has an extremely rare pentagonal cut.

Get to know a selection of pieces that exemplify these aspects found in creations signed by Ara Vartanian.