New structured bracelets

New structured bracelets
24 de March de 2015 zweiarts

New structured bracelets

The stones always determine the starting point of AraVartanian’s creations. He, now, presents the innovation of structured bracelets, which highlight different coloured gems. The focal stone becomes even more relevant in the design of the piece and is surrounded by an anatomical structure of the arch set with diamonds.

The gold parts are handmade and produced separately. Once pieced together, they provide flexibility and suitability for a perfect fit. The final shape is the result of joining the separate pieces, setting the stones on the gold parts. The result is a bracelet that perfectly fits the anatomy of a woman’s wrist – as well as highlighting the design of the stones.

By using different stones, AraVartanian modernizes the structure of the bracelets. In the most classic versions, he created the bracelet with an octagonal cut emerald (4.83 carat), white diamonds emerald cut (04.08 carat) and white diamonds round cut (0.38 carat).

The same process is found in the brown diamond bracelet where the central round cut Diamond (5.25 carat) is surrounded by seven brilliant round cut brown diamonds totalling 4.98 carat. The White diamonds are brilliant round cut 0.43 carat.

The two boldest versions feature a tanzanite option, Antique Cabochon cut (7.83 carat), used in its inverted version as well as nine inverted black diamonds Princess cut (7.20 caratin total) and white diamonds (0.43 carat). The other option features inverted Smokey Fancy Grey diamonds (3.44 carat), inverted black diamonds (4.42 carat) and white diamonds (0.40 carat).

For their unique features, AraVartanian’s new Structured bracelets are pieces of jewellery that combine delicacy, lightness, elegance and modernity.