12 de July de 2016 zweiarts


The new opals selected by Ara Vartanian are in his own words an exceptional set. They are very different from anything seen on the market, with amazing effects of colour, incandescence and fluorescence. “They are collector’s stones that I will turn into unique creations.”

The history of this stone is worth knowing.The name opal comes from the Sanskrit word upala, meaning “precious stone.” The geological formation of the stones creates an effect known as iridescence;this phenomenon appears to change the colour of certain geological bodies as the angle of view or of illumination changes, producing the impression of rainbow colours.For opals, this phenomenon is called play-of-colour and is caused by the non-crystalline structure of the gemstone that diffracts the light. As the angle of view changes, different colours appear in the same place according to the effect light has on the sphere.

The spherical opals originating from Ethiopia are called “Mystical Opals”.They are very rare as when cut into their spherical shape, they loose a lot from the original rough stone. The perfectly cut sphere adds even more value. The largest in Ara Vartanian’s collection is 21mm.The designer has also included Rosecut Opals in his set, which is quite a rare cut for opals. Of these, the one with the highest carat is 14,84ct.

Legends and myths talk about the Opal.It is said that one should only wear the gem when received as a gift – if the case, the stone would bring luck to the person; therefore being a valuable present. Ara Vartanian developed a special rosé gold hue for his Mystical Opals. The intention is to highlightthe colours and brightness even more.