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Ara Vartanian

The Jewelry

The concept behind ARA VARTANIAN’s jewelry atelier encompasses, above all, ideas about shape, singularity, precious stones and the intrinsic power of enriched geological material becoming an emblematic piece. All in the pursuit of purity, uniqueness and innovative transformation. Art, substance, a dream: this is how we envision jewelry.

  • Black Diamond

    Black Diamond

  • Barbatanas


  • Brown Diamond

    Brown Diamond

  • Emeralds Hook Earrings

    Emeralds Hook Earrings

  • Opal


  • Double Finger Ring – Fancy Grey

    Double Finger Ring – Fancy Grey

  • Three Finger Ring

    Three Finger Ring

  • Ara Vartanian’s unique Earrings

    Ara Vartanian’s unique Earrings