A night of one thousand and one special sparkles

A night of one thousand and one special sparkles
20 de April de 2016 zweiarts

A night of one thousand and one special sparkles

For the sixth time, São Paulo played host to the amfAR Inspiration Gala charity ball, deemed the most important gala not only in modern fashion culture but also in the world.

Besides bringing celebrities and personalities from various sectors together, the party that took place on April 15th raised more than US$1.6 million which will be allocated to dozens of social programs and will encourage the research towards a cure for AIDS cure.

And once again, Ara Vartanian’s jewellery lit up the event as a select group of celebrities wore his pieces: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Aline Moraes, Vivi Orth, Renata Kuerten, Sabrina Gasperin, Ivete Sangalo and Deborah Secco.

To be in tune with the atmosphere of glamour and social effervescence, Ara Vartanian created four fine jewellery pieces especially for the amFAR night, all worn by Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Sabrina Gasperin.

Naomi took to the stage wearing two pieces: a white gold necklace adorned with Paraiba tourmalines and white diamonds & a pair of Hook earrings in white gold with white and black diamonds.

Receiving her award from Marc Jacobs, the top model Kate Moss wore a pair of Hook earrings with emeralds, Fancy Grey inverted diamonds and white diamonds. This piece, regarded as one of the designer’s iconic creations, received a gala makeover to further enhance Kate’s personal glow. Ara Vartanian began to create this piece for the British top three months before the event.

Sabrina Gasperin also left a trail of light by wearing Hook earrings in rose gold with opals, Fancy grey diamonds and white diamonds.

AmfAR Inspiration Gala in São Paulo: a night that will remain in the city’s history for many reasons. Among these, raising awareness about the importance of global research towards the cure of AIDS, raising a tremendous amount of money during the charity ball, bringing together celebrities who are associated to humanitarian causes, the possibility of gathering influencers who possess an international reach and, finally, highlighting in a unique way the jewellery created specially by Ara Vartanian.