Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz
1 de February de 2016 zweiarts

Penélope Cruz

Internationally renowned personalities have honoured Ara Vartanian’s high jewellery creations. Among them, the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz -one of the most prominent names in today’s film industry.

She was wearing a piece from the designer when she came to New York for the world premiere of her latest film “Zoolander 2″.

The chosen jewellery was: the Emerald & White Diamonds Hook Earring; the White & Chocolate Three finger Ring; and an Emerald and White Diamonds full finger ring. All, iconic creations from Ara Vartanian.

The two and three fingers Rings allow for large and important stones to gain structural balance and anatomical comfort.

The other ring, being articulated, covers the whole finger, providing symmetry and comfort. The piece is designed to perfectly follow the anatomy and articulated movements of the hands.

The hook earring is another example of the symbiosis between Ara Vartanian’s creations and the female body: the jewel wraps around the lobe, as if delicately gripping the ear.

The same week, Penelope Cruz was promoting the release of the film on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. For the interview, she worean Inverted Black Diamond Hook Earring (the second time she wore a piece from the hook line) and a White Diamond Ring.