Ara Vartanian bracelets contemplate different types of occasions and, above all, respect the personality of each woman. If your soul is exuberant or if life calls for a party, the powerful wide bracelets, studded with Emeralds or Smoky diamonds, have light and geometric lines but cause a memorable weight effect.

The inverted diamond technique, characteristic of the designer, appears on the impressive Tennis bracelet. In it the stones are positioned in gradient, with a diamond of greater carat centralized, and it is possible to choose between Black, Brown or Smoky Gray diamonds. Innovative, the jewel was chosen by international celebrities like Annabelle Wallis, Dakota Johnson and Selena Gomez for events and interviews.

Made entirely by hand, the creation of structured bracelets by Ara Vartanian begins with stones, a very personal process that is his signature. The central stone gains relevance in the design of the jewel and is surrounded by the anatomical structure of the bezel set with diamonds. The gold caps, produced separately, inject flexibility and a perfect fit in the female wrist. Diamonds, Emeralds and even the most daring versions with Tanzanite and Smoky Fancy Gray diamonds, always with the inverted technique, synthesize the delicacy and modernity of the designer’s structured bracelets.

More recent creations, the new bracelets of circular shape, in a spiral that surrounds the female forearm, were developed to enhance anatomy and should be positioned close to the elbow. A delicate metal structure is positioned on the inside of the arm to highlight the stones and enhance the brightness of the gems. Studded in a progressive direction, with the highest carat stones at the end of the piece, Rubellites, Diamonds, Tourmalines and Emeralds define the final result of each model. A true work of art and engineering.

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