Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline
26 de December de 2015 zweiarts

Paraiba Tourmaline

The Paraiba Tourmaline stone was first discovered in 1989 in the Paraiba hills. Heitor Dimas Barbosa, the man we owe the discovery to, spent five years continuously excavating the northeastern Brazilian state; and was finally rewarded by being the first to find this unique and mesmerizing gem.

A few years later, in 2003, other mines of Paraiba tourmalines with similar characteristics to the Brazilian stones were discovered in Mozambique and Nigeria. Yet the name remained as a historical reference to the discovery that happened on Brazilian soil, designating the blue-green hue of the stone, not its geographical origin.

Also known by its geological name (Elbaite Cuprian), the Tourmaline Paraiba owes its glorious colour to traces of copper in the crystal lattice. The vivid colour of the stone emerges after the cut, becoming perfect for fine jewellery.

Ara Vartanian examines the colour of this unique gem: “The most important feature to take into account when acquiring a Paraiba Tourmaline is the vitality of its colour. In other words, I would describe it as a neon stone.”

In this selection, the designer showcases the unique stones from his collection of precious gems that highlight rarity, high carat and clarity. And in order to further enhance the Paraiba tourmalines, he created designs with white diamonds that enhance their neon hue and Rubellites that contrast with the water green.

The gems discovered in Brazil are special when considering the family of tourmalines. Today, they are among the most valuable stones on the market, as their unique hue conquered gem lovers around the world. There really is no other stone like a Paraiba Tourmaline.